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AAPBD leverages the best of iOS app development services and the stability of the iOS platform to create top-notch mobile products that people love to use.

We use development best practices to nail down app performance, data security, and great user experience, making sure all the components come together and deliver value where it’s needed, to make your users stick around and your business grow.

When to go for native iOS app development first

Despite Android having a bigger market share when it comes to devices, the App Store generates double the revenue of the Play Store. It’s consistently done so in the last years and is expected to maintain the trend for the next years as well. iOS device owners are more willing to make in-app payments but are also more critical of the quality of their user experience.

This makes iOS a perfect ecosystem to launch a product, gather user feedback and fine-tune monetization options to reach product-market fit. More so, Apple offers a limited number of devices and up-to-date operating systems on almost all of them. This simplifies the development of a solid product from one perspective, but also adds a really high bar for iOS developers, as only the best products have a chance to perform in the Apple Store.

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Why choose AAPBD as your iOS app development company?

Latest technologies and best practices

We always keep up with the latest technology updates and best practices. We only use coding paradigms that allow your product to be scaled in the future and that ensure long-term maintenance.

Build a secure and stable product

iOS stands out as one of the most secure operating systems, and their manual review system for the App Store means that they maintain a high level of quality throughout their store. Our iOS developers will make sure they leverage all capabilities and requirements to deliver a secure and stable mobile product.

IoT integrations

Our team has worked with IoT integrations within various industries, working on devices such as beacons, Bluetooth or NFC chips, drones, electric scooters, or automotive hardware.

Incorporating all iOS capabilities

We use Swift and Objective-C programming languages to tap into an iOS device’s capabilities and create a fuller user experience. Whether you need your app to work with the device’s camera, microphone, gyro or sensors, or to create custom widgets and notifications, we’ll make sure it looks and works without a glitch.

Our iOS development toolchain

Having a well-defined set of tools is key to maintaining a fast, iterable, flexible, and scalable development process. Here is a list of the tools we relay most in the development process.


Xcode is the uncontested champ IDE of iOS development and our day-to-day working environment. Developed and maintained by Apple, Xcode ensures great stability and ease of work in the development process.


A new-coming but very promising player in the frontend development world, SwiftUI is a new cross platform framework that improves vastly on maintainability, reusability and performance.


One service integration that can’t be missing from any iOS app released it's Firebase. Whether we talk about quick Ad-hoc distribution, analytics, crash reporting, or push notifications - Firebase does it all.

AppStore Connect

App Store Connect is the last boss to beat in the development flow. After losing track of the number of apps released to market we know all the ins and outs of this platform: beta testing with TestFlight, managing In app purchases or App Store builds.


One of the most modern, powerful and intuitive programming languages brings an enjoying development experience in writing code for iOS.


The long standing native framework for user interface development UIKit is a very flexible and scalable solution. Offering a very mature interface builder, a fast and reliable development is assured.

Continuous integration

Whether it’s Bitrise or other service, continious integration is something we encourage each client to have in the development process. Continuous integration provides hassle free release cycles with a safer and faster approach to release new build versions.

Package manager

3rd party libraries are essential to the iOS development and there is no project with at least several of them. Package Manager is Apple’s native, lightweight and easy to setup dependency manager.



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